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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So guess what stupid stuff i do on the new year??

Emm after 12 midnite started to on the motorbike and decided to headed to Genting Highlands with my frens and my lil sis

For the fucking 3 hour we sat on the bike.

Owh i just wouldn't believe that i wanna go to Genting on bikes haish..I am a PURE CRAZY

Stop only for a while in certain stop and decided to go again...

And when arrived in the Genting it started to make me freaking cold damn although wear sweater

With some luck on our side, the bikes doesn't have any prob luckily

And when reach the Genting and decided to "buang masa" there we go to the less people would be and we go sleep over there

SHIT really2 cold i mean it

That the 1st and last time im gonna do that stupid stuff "IDIOT"!!!

Now i know wat the feel for the homeless and poor people on USA or other country that have cold season..

So i appreciate wat is given now wohoo by god to this beloved country MALAYSIA

Then in the morning about 6A.M in the morning we start our bike again and go to Janda Baik to visit the famous river there and take a bath over there hehe

Then after finishing bath we go eat the Fruit King u know what la dont want to tell u hehe

DURIAN LOL u think wat

We taste the "Kucing Tidor" a.k.a "Cat Sleep" or "Sleeping Cat" in english or watever u guys wanna called it wahaha..Its really nice feel like u eating a piece of milk chocolate

And here some footage we got during our RIDIN DIRTY wahaha

This is my fren his name is Haslan aka the World Silat Champion and i really mean it im not kidding seriusly..He look nerd lol but he really kick some ARSE

Yeah our team hehe

My lil sis with his boyfriend.Yeah i noe im still single

My friend sleep with his head covered with the bag coz of the coldness

Act a Fool

No comment...

This is also hehe

Such a nice river

Bamboo shot

I never see a school nearby seriusly

The "hangout"

On the right is the changing room and its look like the kampung style wahaha

The tauke durian cat so CUTE

Kinda got the not so nice one but the durian damn nice wei

The pile up durian coz some of it already expired and fall from the tree

This is look nice but still cant eat it haish

Pond on the house near by

The best candid ever, see properly u can see a blood stain and its from a mosquito
There a lot of mosquito but it wont stop us from eating the durian wahaha

Anyway it was a hell of joy,stupid and horror ride

So next time better make sure pack all the necessary stuff 1st hehe